Поля Александрова

Polya Alexandrova

Head of Corporate Communications at Philip Morris Bulgaria


Polya Alexandrova is Head of Corporate Communications at Philip Morris Bulgaria since 2020, and before that, in addition to being a communications expert, she has had a long experience as a journalist in a number of media.

Her first media appearances began in 1993 in Varna, where she worked as a music and cultural editor at Kanal Kom radio, and later at Radio Varna, part of the BNR system.

In 1998, she joined the teams of the “Parallels” and LIK magazines, published by the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency. At the same time, she lead a weekend program of Darik Radio and had her own show on Retro Radio.

In the period 1999-2004, she was the special Bulgarian correspondent of the prestigious online agency TOL (Transitions Online), specializing in political and social commentary and analysis of the transition period of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the former Soviet Union.

Since the end of 2003, she has been with “Atika Media Bulgaria”. In mid-2004, she became the Editor-in-Chief of “GRAZIA” magazine. In 2007, she headed the team of the Bulgarian edition of the “OK!” magazine. She is also the head of the team of authors and organizers of the prestigious Bulgarian contest “Woman of the Year”.

In September 2014, she became the editorial director of the newly formed company AtticaEVA, a successor of Attica Media Bulgaria, where she is also responsible for marketing and communications. The company is the publisher of EVA, Grazia, Forbes, OK!, Esquire, Playboy, Maxim and Joy magazines.

She has a law degree from the University of Economics – Varna and has specialized in journalism at the Journalism Faculty of New York University and at the Green College of Oxford University, as a scholarship holder of the “Reuters” Foundation. She participated in a number of international forums in Canada, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, the USA, Croatia, the Czech Republic, etc.

She is the author of the photographic exhibition “Flashspotting: People&Places”, a collection of photographs from around the world, with an emphasis on people and their activities, held in the attractive space for art and fashion /+/SKLADA in Sofia, in May 2010.

Since March 1, 2017, she has held the Public Relations Manager position at Nova Broadcasting Group. Two years later, in January 2019, in the role of PR Manager, she took over external and internal communications in the Management Financial Group, where she was also responsible for the company’s CSR and Employer Branding activities. In September 2019, she returned to Attica EVA Media Group Bulgaria, where she took the responsibilities of Chief Editorial Director and Deputy General Manager, as well as the position of Editor-in-Chief of EVA magazine.